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Publicly Listed Company 

Public Company, Publicly Traded Company 

At ESG Impact (ESGI), we provide listed businesses with reporting and performance analysis of key ESG metrics and diagnostic suggestions for improvement. This involves an in-depth comparison against reporting standards, industry expectations and competitor trends. Utilising a specialised ESG rubric, the ESGI team will create an outline of your business or project's current and predicted ESG performance. 

Understanding ESG reporting trends and performance payback is critical for listed businesses as investors increasingly use ESG to assess risk. The methodology surrounding performance data reporting represents a challenge to CEOs, Boards, and internal senior stakeholders; yet, these actors are increasingly interested in ESG, and ESGI can assist in company-specific analysis. 

ESG Reporting & Performance Analysis Consulting Services:


  • Gap analysis highlighting ESG pain points 

  • Review of major shareholder makeup and ESG impact

  • Analysis of current reporting processes

  • Review of all ESG performance data

  • Competition analysis

  • Ranking of performance in ESG

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