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ESG Consulting

From SMEs to Corporates

At ESG Impact (ESGI), we are dedicated to improving our client’s business performance. Our tailored ESG analysis and strategy helps client’s access a wider variety of markets, differentiate themselves from competition, and help place them among the top of their specialised field.​​

ESG Reporting Framework Consulting Services:

  • External stakeholder engagement

  • Creation of industry based reporting framework

  • ESG reporting measurement

  • ESG reporting standardisation

ESG Reporting & Performance Analysis Consulting Services:


  • Gap analysis highlighting ESG pain points 

  • Analysis of current reporting processes

  • Review of all ESG performance data

  • Competition analysis

  • Ranking of performance in ESG

​​ESG Strategy & Implementation Consulting Services: 

  • ESG reporting strategy

  • ESG performance improvement planning

  • Internal stakeholder engagement

  • Carbon reduction strategy

  • Creation of green financial products such as green bonds & green structured finance

  • Property asset improvement reducing carbon footprint, with zero capital cost

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