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Doctor Analyzing X-Rays



  1. Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

  2. Pharmacy & Drug Retailers

  3. Health Care Delivery

  4. Health Care Distributors

  5. Managed Care

  6. Medical Equipment & Supplies

Range of Healthcare Risks:

  • Product Design & Lifecycle Management

  • Corruption & Bribery

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Quality Management

  • Energy, Water & Waste Efficiency

  • Product Safety

  • Ethical Marketing

  • Affordability & Fair Pricing

  • Pricing Transparency & Plan Literacy

  • Climate Change Impact on Human Health

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals


The Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals industry develops, manufactures, and markets a range of brand-name and generic medications. A significant portion of the industry is driven by research and development, a high risk of product failure during clinical trials, and the need to obtain regulatory approval.

Concerns over pricing practices and consolidation within the sector have created downward pricing pressures. Demand for the industry’s products is largely driving by population demographics, rates of insurance coverage, disease profiles, and economic conditions.

Drug Testing


ESG Consulting

Industry Benchmarking

Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG Emissions

Supply Chain Management


Organisational ESG Strategy

Mandatory ESG Reporting

ESG Technology

Risk Management

ESG Compliance (TCFD, Modern Slavery, ISSB, IFRS, SASB, GRI)

Policy Management

Responsible Capital

Sustainable Finance

Fund ESG Compliance (UNPRI)

SFDR Reporting

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