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PRISM Methodology

We believe that effective ESG strategy will drive most aspects of businesses & projects as the world transitions into a low-carbon economy. ESG Impact understands the complex relationship between corporates, assets, shareholders, employees and their corporate strategy.

Our unique approach integrates business strategy, compliance and innovation. ESG Impact use an ESG assessment tool called PRISM. This tool incorporates a wide range of environmental, social, governance and cyber risks. PRISM links these risks to financial and non-financial opportunities.

Our PRISM tool helps set clients apart in understanding material risk for businesses and projects. This comes from experience working with government, listed and unlisted organizations in both developed and emerging markets across 5 continents.

Leading ESG Reporting Framework


  • GHG Emissions

  • Air Quality

  • Energy Management

  • Water & Wastewater Management

  • Water & Hazardous material

  • Ecological

  • Climate Impacts

Leadership & Governance

  • Management of Legal & Regulatory Environment

  • Systematic Risk Management

  • Competitive Behavior

  • Business Ethics

Social Capital

  • Human Rights

  • Access & Affordability

  • Community Relations

  • Customer Welfare

  • Data Privacy & Security

  • Selling Practices

  • Product Labeling

Human Capital

  • Labour Relations

  • Labour Practices & Compensation

  • Employee Health, Safety & Wellbeing

  • Employee Recruitment, Engagement & Discovery

Business Model & Innovation

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Materials Sourcing

  • Rate Structure & Pricing

  • Business Model Resilience

  • Product Quality & Safety

  • Product Packaging & Distribution

  • Product Design & Lifecycle Management

  • Investment, Capital, Debt & Equity 

  • Credit, Insurance & Underwriting

Cyber & Digital

  • Cyber Security

  • Digital Risk Management

  • Customer Privacy

  • Data Security

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Critical Incident Risk Management


ESG Consulting

Industry Benchmarking


Corporate Strategy

Startup ESG Incubation

Risk Management

ESG Compliance (TCFD, Modern Slavery, UN PRI, SASB)

Policy Management

Project Capital

Capital Raising

Sustainable Finance

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