Cows in Pasture

Food & Beverage


  1. Agricultural Products

  2. Alcoholic Beverages

  3. Food Retailers & Distributors

  4. Meat, Poultry & Dairy

  5. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  6. Processed Foods

  7. Restaurants

  8. Tobacco

Range of Food & Beverage Risks:

  • Food Safety & Health Concerns

  • Fair Labour Practices & Workforce Health & Safety

  • Environmental & Social Impacts of Ingredient Supply Chains

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Energy Management & Fleet Fuel Management

  • Water Management

  • Packaging Lifecycle Management 

Agricultural Products


The Agricultural Products industry processes, trades, and distributes fruits and vegetables as well as grains, sugar, consumable oils, soybeans, maze, and animal feed. The agricultural products are sold directly to either the consumer or the business creating a consumable product. Companies within this industry are in charge of purchasing the agricultural good and then performing a value-adding action such as processing, trading, or distributing.

These companies are also involved in wholesale and distribution and may source a large amount of their products from third-party growers in various countries. It is critical to maintain vigilance for the sustainability risks involved in the supply chain and in order to maintain a reliable supply of raw materials and reduce the risk of price volatility.

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