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Services Organisations


  1. Advertising & Marketing

  2. Education

  3. Hotels & Lodging

  4. Leisure Facilities

  5. Media & Entertainment

  6. Professional & Commercial Services

  7. Casinos & Gaming

Range of Services Organisational Risks:

  • Advertising Integrity

  • Data Privacy

  • Workforce Diversity & Inclusion

  • Competitive Behaviour & Open Internet

  • Energy Management

  • Political Spending

  • Internal Controls on Money Laundering

Advertising & Marketing


The Advertising and Marketing industry is made of companies that run market research and create advertising campaigns. These campaigns are are used in physical mail advertising and media advertising. These companies typically advertise for consumer products, financial services, and telecommunication services. There are various aspects of advertising including graphic design, data analytics, marketing research, and media planning.


Companies can be involved in all of these aspects or just specific aspects. The larger advertising companies are holding companies that own multiple agencies globally that combined provide a range of services including brand consulting, mobile and online marketing, and public relations.

Marketing Company


ESG Consulting

Industry Benchmarking


Corporate Strategy

Startup ESG Incubation

Risk Management

ESG Compliance (TCFD, Modern Slavery, UN PRI, SASB)

Policy Management

Project Capital

Capital Raising

Sustainable Finance

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