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ESG Impact is the leading ESG consultancy for clubs across Australia.

Typical Club ESG risks:

  • Supply Chain Risk & Modern Slavery Reporting

  • Management of legal & Regulatory Environment

  • Masterplanning, Refurbishment Projects & Developments

  • Board Legacy with Club, Community & Regulatory Risk

  • Contingency Planning

  • Cyber Security & Digital Risk

  • Workforce Diversity & Inclusion

  • Energy Management

  • ClubGrants & Community Engagement 

  • Social Impact & Social Licence to Operate

  • Bribery & Corruption

  • Internal Controls on Money Laundering

Clubs Industry


Clubs across Australia are encountering a shifting landscape due to the rising emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards. As these criteria gain prominence, your club faces the challenge of aligning its operations with sustainable practices while meeting social and governance expectations. Adhering to stringent environmental standards, managing community impact, and maintaining transparent and ethical governance structures pose significant challenges. Balancing financial viability with these heightened ESG requirements adds complexity to your operations, calling for innovative strategies to ensure compliance without compromising the core services and experiences you offer to your members and the community.

ESG for Clubs NSW


ESG Consulting

Industry Benchmarking

Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG Emissions

Supply Chain Management


Organisational ESG Strategy

Mandatory ESG Reporting

ESG Technology

Risk Management

ESG Compliance (TCFD, Modern Slavery, ISSB, IFRS, SASB, GRI)

Policy Management

Responsible Capital

Sustainable Finance

Fund ESG Compliance (UNPRI)

SFDR Reporting

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