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  1. Air Freight & Logistics

  2. Airlines

  3. Auto Parts

  4. Automobiles

  5. Car Rental & Leasing

  6. Cruise Lines

  7. Marine Transportation

  8. Rail Transportation

  9. Road Transportation

Range of Technology & Communications Risks:

  • Accidents & Safety Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Environmental Footprint of Fuel Use

  • Competitive Behaviour

  • Employee Inclusion

  • Product Lifecycle Management

  • Ecological Impacts

  • Business Ethics

  • Fleet Fuel Economy & Utilisation

Air Freight & Logstics


The Air Freight and Logistics industry is in charge of providing assistance with freight services to individuals and businesses. Companies within this industry earn a revenue from one or more of the three segments that make up the industry: post and courier services, air freight transportation, and transportation logistics services.


The logistics that this industry provides includes services such as customs brokerage, contracting with road and air freight companies, cargo insurance, and purchase-order management. This industry is very influential for global trade as it promotes and brings stability to trade.

Image by Nick Morales


ESG Consulting

Industry Benchmarking

Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG Emissions

Supply Chain Management


Organisational ESG Strategy

Mandatory ESG Reporting

ESG Technology

Risk Management

ESG Compliance (TCFD, Modern Slavery, ISSB, IFRS, SASB, GRI)

Policy Management

Responsible Capital

Sustainable Finance

Fund ESG Compliance (UNPRI)

SFDR Reporting

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