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Household and Personal Products

ESG in the household and personal products industry involves companies who manufacture a variety of goods for consumer consumptions. These goods include but are not limited to, cosmetics, household and cleaning products, soaps, detergents, batteries, self care, kitchen utensils and dining equipment. Companies operating within this industry typically operate globally and sell their products to wholesalers, grocery stores, drug stores, distributors and e-commerce platforms. Certain companies sell their products exclusively to other platforms or have independent representatives for their products. Depending on the nature of the product being manufactured there may be a range of regulation and requirements to be met. 

Range of ESG risks in household and personal products:

  • Management of Chemicals in Products

  • Labour Conditions in the Supply Chain

  • Environmental Impacts in the Supply Chain

  • Product Lifecycle Environmental Impacts

  • Product Safety

  • Raw Materials Sourcing & Innovation

  • Packaging Lifecycle Management 


ESG Consulting

Industry Benchmarking


Corporate Strategy

Startup ESG Incubation

Risk Management

ESG Compliance (TCFD, Modern Slavery, UN PRI, SASB)

Policy Management

Project Capital

Capital Raising

Sustainable Finance

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